MHS Reality Advisors - Mikias Haile Selassie Stole $1300 from me

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On Nov. 13 I received a call from Mikias Haile Selassie in the morning about an apartment. The evening before I had email inquired about a couple of apartments I saw on craigslist, but when I asked Mikias about the specific apartment he was referring to it did not sound familiar. He assured me that he had my email and that's how he got my phone number and would like me to

come see the place that afternoon.

I agreed and called him to confirm that afternoon but he had

supposedly lost his phone in a cab. When we finally did meet up that night at 6pm I saw the a 1 bedroom apartment located at 112W 138th st. #1D. He told me the apartment was $1200/mo and explained many things about the apartment in great detail but always confirming that the price was $1200/mo with a $1200 deposit and a $100 application fee. He said that he would send me a follow up email that evening with all of the details of the apartment that night, but I never received any email. I questioned him about sending it, but he avoided my texts and calls and didn't send anything to me.

On Nov. 15, 2013 I returned to the apartment with a friend to look over the apartment one last time and then I submitted my application and my $100 application fee to Mikias. He gave a receipt and told me he would send the email he had promised and be in touch about the next steps.

On Nov. 16 he texted to say that he would send the email first thing on Nov. 17 but that never happened.

On Monday Nov. 18 he emailed me the following:


Please provide the following documents to move forward with the

apartment application.

-W2s or Tax Returns

-3 Recent Pay Stubs

-Bank References (Most Recent)

-Landlord Reference letter

-Photo I'd(All Parties)

Scan to email as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank You


I scanned all of the items he requested and then went to the bank and got a cashier's check in the amount of $1200 which he said was the amount of the deposit required because that would be the equivalent of one month's rent. I met him at 59st Colombus circle and gave him this check. I found out from my bank that he cashed the check the exact same day. He was very quick to leave our meeting and would not give me

information on lease signing and picking up keys and securing that I

was approved for the apartment and confirming it was in fact mine to move in to on Dec. 26 like his receipt for this check states.

Over the next few weeks I was never able to get Mikias to meet with me. He said that the lease was not ready to be signed over and over. Finally he called me on Dec. 10 and told me that the price of the apartment was confused with another listing and that this apartment at 112W 138th st. #1D was no longer $1200. I told him that this was misrepresentation and bait/switch and that I would rather just have my application fee and deposit returned because at no point would I ever even replied or applied for a place that was more than $1200. Mikias told me that he would find me something better by Dec. 13. On Dec. 11 he had nothing lined up for me to see. On Dec. 12 he also had nothing lined up for me and then sent an email claiming that he had a family emergency and wouldn't be able to meet with me to show me any places, but sent a couple of craigslist ads to me. I had already seen those ads myself and contacted them directly and NONE of those places were suitable. I told him I need all of my money back to put toward a new application fee and new apartment deposit by Dec. 13 but since Dec. 13 he has been avoiding my calls, emails and texts.

Today on Dec. 14 around 12 noon I called Mikias and he finally

answered but promptly hung up on me. He is not cooperating and so because the cashier's check was made payable to Au Courant Real Estee Corp I tried contacting the company to get my money

back since Mikias has been completely unresponsive. The company email didn't go through and the phone number says the google voice subscriber is not available.

Mikias has been leading me on with false information about an

apartment that is not available for over a month and this is


Review about: Real Estate Agent.

Monetary Loss: $1300.



Sorry, you have been the victim of a scam. Any google voice subscriber is a red flag.

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